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Spider Control in the Greater Houston Area

Spiders are a common pest found in homes and most are harmless to humans. Many spiders are actually beneficial to people because they are excellent predators that help to keep other pests under control.

However, species such as the black widow spider and brown recluse, can be dangerous to humans, particularly the elderly and children. There are also spiders that aren’t dangerous but cause irritating bites.

Different spider species vary greatly in size, appearance, and behavior. They mostly prefer places that people spend less time in, such as basements, attics, garages and storage spaces. Even when spiders find their way into the living areas of your home, they tend to be huddled in corners or hidden in crevices or under items.

When you notice multiple spiders inside your home, there are probably many more hidden just out of sight.

If you are concerned about a spider problem take note of the size of the spider’s body, color and general behavior such as where you see them and what time of day you see them.

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