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Fire Ant Exterminators in the Greater Houston Area

Fire ants are difficult to control for several reasons: the colonies are often very large and extend under the ground a great distance. Colonies often have multiple queens, so they can recover if a part of the colony and a queen or two have been killed, and they often occur in large numbers, so that when you have eliminated one colony another will likely move in to occupy the space.

Because fire ants can be sometimes a danger to humans and pets, it is a good idea to consult with professionals regarding ways to control them. There are several species of ants in the central Texas area and they can be extremely hard to control.

Signs of Fire Ant Infestation

One common sign of fire ant activity is the worker and swarmer ants. Other signs can be their sandy earthen mounds, which are usually more visible after recent rainfall, or the complaints of customers who are being stung by ants.


Annual Fire Ant Treatment and Prevention

The most reliable method of fire ant treatment is to have your local pest control company perform an inspection of your yard and determine how to manage the fire ants in your home.

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