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Cockroach Exterminators in the Texas Area

Cockroaches are not only just a pest, but they also carry diseases and germs that can contaminate your home or business. roaches are very common is Texas, and if you see one, chances are, there are more of them lurking in your home. Cockroaches have become accustomed to traditional DIY methods of eradication over the years, and when they get out of hand, it’s time to call a professional.

Roaches can fit in very tiny places, that can be difficult to get to without professional help.


Some examples are:

  • within walls
  • behind cabinets
  • under refridgerators
  • under laminate and wood flooring
  • behind sinks and tubs.

German and American cockroaches are the most common variety residing in Texas. German cockroaches are mush smaller than the American variety, but are extrememly hard to get rid of, and breed at at alarming rate. It is essential to have your home or bussiness treated for German roaches before they get out of hand. American cockroaches are larger and can fly. They usually live outdoors, but come inside searching for food.

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