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Contrary to their name, bedbugs can infest more than just your bed. Bedbugs can be found in furniture, clothing, behind wall coverings and more. Bed bugs can take up residence and thrive in anyone’s home or business, no matter how clean it is. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to kill and proper treatment by professionals is necessary for a successful removal and future prevention.

Bedbugs are typically brown and flat and about the size of a small ladybug. They plump up when feeding. Bed bugs don’t fly but they can quickly scurry over furniture, walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces.

Bedbugs are usually brought into the home on clothing, luggage, and used beds and other furniture. If you buy used clothing or used furniture, it’s important to check for bedbugs before you bring these items into your home. It’s also a good idea to wash the clothes as soon as you get them home.

Bed Bugs

An easy way to spot bedbugs is by looking for dark spotting and staining on the mattress caused by their droppings.

It’s also possible to find:

  • bedbug eggs
  • egg shells,
  • molted skins
  • the bugs themselves.

Hotels, motels, and apartments are common places to encounter bedbugs because of the high volume of people that come and go from these places. When you are staying at a hotel or motel, it’s a good idea to check between the mattress and box spring for any sign of bedbugs and to keep your luggage off the floor.

If you find signs of bedbugs, no fear! Just call Pest Control Texas to inspect and implement the best bedbug treatment possible. We don’t just control pests, we eliminate your pests and have effective options for treating your home, business, or yard to take care of your bedbug problem.

Reliable Bedbug Treatments You Can Count On

Pest Control Texas offers an excellent 1-year guarantee on our bedbug treatment services. We will happily service any residential or commercial property, including hotels, daycare centers, schools, group and retirement homes and more.

Our experts will begin with an inspection of your property to identify the problem and create a plan of action for treatment. Without proper extermination, you run the risk of a reinfestation of bed bugs. With over 30 years of experience, Anytime Pest Control is fully equipped and ready to handle your bed bug problem. You can trust that our professionals are prepared with the latest tools in treating and eliminating your bed bug problems.

Reach out to us today for a complete bedbug inspection and get quick and dependable service to get rid of bedbugs.

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