Rodent Control Houston

rodent controlWe understand that having a problem with a rodent infestation, can be an extremely stressful situation for you and your family or business.  With this in mind we treat our clients with the utmost care to ensure there rodent problem is treated as quickly, safely, and effectively as possible, so give us a call right now!

Unfortunately Texas has an abundant rat and mouse population.  Through the years this population has continued to grow in urban area like Houston.

The Dangers of Rat and Mouse Infestation

Both rats and mice can transmit a number of serious diseases to humans, such as Rat fever, Leptospirosis, Hantavirus, Salmonellosis and many others.  And to make it worse small children and infants are the most susceptible to rodent bites.

Rodents can also cause major damage to your home or business.  They can gnaw on furniture, doors, carpet, and sheetrock.  One of the most dangerous problems rodents can cause is fires when they chew through electrical wires.

Because of all the above reasons it is critical that you don’t leave a rodent problem undealt with.  It can cost you much more in the end.

Safe and Effective Rodent Treatment

A licensed and trained rodent control specialist with come to your property and inspect it in order to make the best evaluate and give you the most effective recommendation for proper treatment We always keep your safety in mind with all the work we provide.

Leave the Job to The Professionals

Homeowners are often unsuccessful when they attempt to deal with a rodent problem on their own.  Their lack of knowledge of redolent behavior often times does not resolve the problem.  When poises are used it often results in the property having an order problem.

We are trained to fix your problem right the first time, so why not give us a call right now!